New to Living Yoga Classes

All of our classes enrol on a per-term basis, although it is common for new students to join part way through a term. In such a case we would usually suggest you either come for an individual session first to go through the basics, or come and try a class before committing. In either case you would just pay for the class or session. If you wanted to continue we would then ask you to pay for the remaining weeks of the term.

Many of our classes get full and so please enquire about availability before attending. We also like to discuss what it is you are looking for so that we can direct you to the most suitable options.

The trial class is not generally available at the start of a new term until we have an idea of numbers committing to the full term. In this instance an individual session, or at least a telephone chat, might be a good option to get an idea of what is involved before committing to the whole term.